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  • In 2019 our co-founders set out to build the most accessible, time saving and cost effective recruitment solution ever made. From their combined experience it was clear that the removal of admin tasks combined with in-built industry knowledge and the application of AI could produce quality outcomes and financial savings that would of previously been considered impossible.
  • By working and partnering with industry leading jobs boards, social media channels, AI and tech experts from around the globe finally, four years later, they had produced a solution.
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You don’t have to go through hiring hell to find the perfect candidate.

Alex Ramsdale

Co-Founder & CEO
Alex Ramsdale, after spending a decade in recruitment, recognised areas for potential improvement in the process. His first-hand experience, and will to make things better, serves as catalysts for constructive change in the recruitment field.

James Sandwick

Co-Founder & CTO
James Sandwick, serving as Whoppit's CTO, leans on his wealth of experience with SaaS to help guide the company's tech initiatives. His appreciation for technology helps him keep an open mind about emerging trends.

Our Mission

Building the go-to tool for swift, scalable and stress-free hiring.

Hiring has become laborious, overpriced and over-complicated. Whoppit is none of those things. Our technology is turning hiring into a simple, efficient process that takes all of the heavy lifting away from our customers.

What hiring means to us

Simplifying the hiring process

Whoppit posts to job boards, writes your social posts, gives you templates and suggestions to maximise applications. We automate much of the hiring process to make it a far simpler one for our customers.

Streamlining the Recruitment Journey

Looking to enhance your hiring process? Look no further than Whoppit! Our innovative platform takes the hassle out of recruiting by automating key tasks and providing valuable resources. From job board postings to crafting engaging social media content, we’ve got you covered. With Whoppit, you’ll enjoy a simplified and efficient hiring experience that maximizes your candidate pool. Say goodbye to complexities and hello to seamless recruitment with Whoppit.

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