We’re here to make reliable & cost effective recruitment accessible for everyone

We believe anyone can recruit successfully and cost effectively - even without recruitment experience. As an AI-powered recruitment platform, we’re automating all of the time consuming processes to deliver the best results so you can focus on selecting the best people.


Our story

Alex Ramsdale spent over a decade recruiting hundreds of people for clients, but grew tired of the constant repetitive processes required to deliver great results. Knowing that millions of businesses struggle to find quality staff every year, he turned to CTO James Sandwick and together they launched Whoppit in 2023 to empower any business to find quality staff fast, cost efficiently and reliably, time and time again.

Meet the founders

Alex Ramsdale

Alex Ramsdale, CEO

Alex Ramsdale, after spending a decade in recruitment, recognized areas for potential improvement in the process. His first-hand experience, and will to make things better, serves as catalysts for constructive change in the recruitment field.


James Sandwick, CTO

James Sandwick, serving as Whoppit's CTO, leans on his wealth of experience with SaaS to help guide the company's tech initiatives. His appreciation for technology helps him keep an open mind about emerging trends.

Our mission

Hiring has become laborious, overpriced, and over-complicated. Whoppit is none of those things. Our technology is turning hiring into a simple, efficient process that takes all of the recruitment heavy lifting away from our customers.


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