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Seamlessly connect your jobs boards, social media posting and applicant tracking system into one platform, using AI to automate recruitment tasks for you
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HireEase UK
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TalentFlow Technologies
"A candidate selection method that's user-friendly and rapid! It cuts down on time and lowers costs."
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SelectRight Solutions
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HireFun Technologies
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StraightHire UK
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SwiftStaffing Solutions

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    Use AI applicant tracking
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    Leading Integrations
    We are constanly adding new integrations to help you find the best candidates efortlessly
    Adzuna partner with Whoppit Careerjet partner with Whoppit CV-Library partner with Whoppit JobLookup partner with Whoppit Google partner with Whoppit LinkedIn partner with Whoppit Reed partner with Whoppit TotalJobs partner with Whoppit Gumtree partner with Whoppit Talent partner with Whoppit

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